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Welcome to Amber Swann Publishing Inc. ​It's time to start again!

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Mercedes Ke​yes

A few things I'm willing to share

about me​ - about my faith.

I'm a dedicated author with a focus on quality interracial ​literature that evens the odds of understanding surrounding ​true beauty. Having nothing to do with one’s race or ethnicity ​and everything to do with qualities within that is the real draw ​of one human being to another.

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Well, life is busy. I‘m working full time, and I‘m taking ​care of life needs. My worship. My mental health. This ​website. This novel. Youtube is also on hold. And I ​have projects I‘ve let drop because well - my state of ​mind was loaded with survival chaos.

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A lot is Coming your way

The current W.I.P

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Who am I? Black -or- African American mix, just take your pick, I'm good with either title. I'm baby ​boomer years old, LOL. During that time, I had 3 children, and they had 7 grandsons and 1 ​granddaughter for me. While having a family, I decided that I needed to write. Some things ​encouraged that, and you'll find out what that was here and there, blogs, youtube, other places, etc. ​Currently, I am happily single - in love with my life, and in love with my heavenly Father, who is ​Jesus's Father whom he prayed to, and told us to do the same.

Matthew 6: 9, - the name to be sanctified and made Holy is JEHOVAH - the only GOD ​ALMIGHTY. His name means, He causes to become, HE put me here out of harm's way and told ​me to stay. For once, I am doing as I was told staying where HE put me and using that time to ​realize there is a life and happiness I've been running after. Had I stayed still waiting on HIM, I ​would have found my lasting happiness a lot sooner. But atlas - here I am.

Of all that I love, I love HIM most of all. He has not failed me ONCE. More will be said of that ​later. My goal is to be self-sufficient one day - so that I can dedicate my full time to my ministry ​surrounding Jehovah God and the mission His son, Jesus Christ gave us. Second, to be a content ​creator - novels, YouTube, blogging.

That's it for now... perhaps more to be added later, we shall see.

So much more to come... check in now and then will’ya?

Remember waaaay back when - that I had short stories on my website that ​were free reads to the members of ASPI? Yeah, well - I’m bringing that back. ​Some of the old ones that I started and never got to finish. That’s how ​B.O.M.A.W began. Well, I will finish the other shorts I started and bring on ​some new ones that have been cooking in my head.

  • Raegan Michaels
  • Al-Koben-Ra - Scifi Adventure
  • Lady Feliciti’s Girl & The Pirate’s Son - Historical
  • Georgia & Sid Caldwell - modern day contemporary

So... as I get out my main novels - in between I’ll be writing little stories here ​and there. Clean, morally refreshing harlequin like romance novels - rated PG.

Again... stay tuned...

3 Of My Favorite Youtube Channels