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My Faith - My Love for My GOD, Creator, Father and Friend….

Hebrew? Yahweh! || English? Jehovah

The God and Father Jesus Prayed to and Adored

Why 8.5+ millions and more, and growing, love him as well…

Like many others, they finally took the time for various reasons, to learn what ​the bible actually says about the Creator. They learned that He, being a God of ​love, created us to live forever. Yes, that’s right He created us to be alive and ​never die! Listed below are the scriptures, please look them up and read them. ​The first are found in Genesis.

  • Genesis 2: 9 - Mentions the two trees - good and bad, and tree of life
  • Genesis 2: 15 - 17 — He gave Adam instructions in verse 17
  • Genesis 3: 1 - 3 — Eve explaining what she knew to the talking snake
  • Genesis 3: 4 - 5 — the snake’s LIE to Eve
  • Genesis 3: 22, 24 - Adam & Eve were blocked from the tree of life…

The above scriptures are the start of Adam's sin.

As a result of his act, lack of faith, and lack of trust in his Creator, Jehovah - he lost ​everlasting life for himself and his children. Everlasting life here on earth... where he ​was created in the middle of the home that was to be for him and the children Eve would ​bear.

NOT in the heavens. The heavens were already occupied with who Jehovah wanted ​there, the angelic host numbering Legions upon Legions.

Before I go any further, please click this ⇒ link ⇐ surrounding His name and the ugly ​thing done concerning removing His name.

Now back to our lost lives due to Adam’s sin... because Adam disobeyed the rule laid ​down, which was the original sin he committed as a perfect man, Jehovah God along ​with His only-begotten son had to make another provision for Adam’s children.

Meaning - he lost the chance to live forever by failing the test, but Jehovah as a GOD who ​is love - needed to make a plan for his children to get the opportunity to gain life forever ​- HERE on EARTH where it was intended.

Jesus stepped forward and gave his ​perfect life in place of Adams perfect life.

The Law Jehovah made, not even HE would break it.

  • Duet. 19: 21
  • Exo. 21: 23, 24
  • Lev. 24: 20

So He would suffer through watching His son be tortured and finally dying as a propitiatory sacrifice for all of manking.

John 3:16 shows to what extent our Creator, Father, who is the only Almighty GOD would go through to help us get back what ​Adam’s act made us lose. Through His only begotten son - Jesus was the ONLY ONE whose lifeblood was valuable enough to ​Jehovah to buy back ALL of mankind’s life to live here on earth forever.

Romans 5: 1 - 21...

Because Jesus was perfect, he was able to endure the test that Adam failed. Jesus did not fail, this is the reason why when ​dying on the torture stake, his last words were... “I have conquered the world!” Meaning - he did it, he’d succeeded. He’d ​bought back our means to live forever here on earth through HIM - through Jesus’ blood. In a sense, he became the new Adam ​over us. Who then goes to heaven? Only 144,000 from the earth are going there with Jesus for a specific reason.

Rev. 14: 1 - 3...

Why would we want to live here on earth? Because this is our home, where we belong. It’s what Jesus taught us to pray when ​his disciples asked him how to pray. Matt. 6: 7 - 10... Under Jehovah God’s Kingdom to come here on earth, the conditions we ​live under now... won’t be anymore. We will first live under Jesus’ rule with the 144,000 -(the only ones going to heaven)- and ​the great crowd Rev. 7: 9, 10 will be here on earth. There is so much more for you to learn. Please take the time out of your ​week to approach one of Jehovah’s witnesses at the carts, or open the door when we knock. There is a truth you need to know ​and fully understand. Once you learn it, you will see why 8.5+ million and growing have come to worship Jehovah God, just as ​Jesus did. He loved his Father. And taught all who would follow him to love his father and be reconciled with him. You can ​also learn the bible on your own secretly, just go to this ==> link to online bible course <== and get started. Only you, Jehovah

and Jesus will know. Well, and a few angels, they too well know, LOL